Our Mission

No Dig Alliance installs and renovates underground pipelines without digging. The methods we use are resource efficient and have minimal impact on the environment, our customers and society.

By combining our resources, we want to be an alternative to the traditional excavation methods used in installing underground pipeline networks. With our technologies and our broad competence, we can gently solve tasks that were previously impossible or had a negative impact on the environment. The result is construction projects that reduce emissions and costs, protect biodiversity and improve the living environment.


Patrik Larsson

Patrik Larsson


+46 70 318 27 29
Patrik has 25 years of industry experience from Skanska. For example, Vice President of Skanska Sverige AB with responsibility for road & civil engineering, responsible for Skanska's asphalt operations in Sweden and former board member of Skanska Norge AS. In addition, previous board assignments in listed IoT companies.

Mattias Höglund


+46 70 598 30 87​
Mattias is a civil engineer who has worked with trenchless pipeline solutions since 2008. Thanks to his years in the industry, he’s been able to acquire valuable knowledge about how to build organizations that can handle growth. Since he took over as CEO at Pollex 2011, he’s managed to accelerate the company’s revenue from SEK 30 million to SEK 130 million. Today he works both as CEO at Pollex and as COO at NDA, with special responsibility for the companies within renovation and maintenance. Mattias lives together with his wife and their two kids in Gothenburg. He spends a lot of time in the nature and enjoys both skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking and scuba diving.

Don Ekendahl


+46 73 084 69 84
Don’s expertise span over financial analysis, M&A, and post-merger integration. He has a robust background from consulting (Big4), and has prior to this role also served as Acting CFO for a rapidly growing group focusing on road maintenance. Don resides in Stockholm with his family and enjoy motor sports, water sports and skiing.

Board members

Torkild Hebbert Haukaas and Eivind Saga represent the majority owner Equip Capital. Both with several years of experience in successful business by representing both Equip Capital and Herkules Capital. Torkild has also been State Secretary with responsibility for economics and finance in Erna Solberg’s Norwegian government 2015-2017.

Carl-Johan Callenholm, Head of Vestum International, has several years of experience in founding and building the Lakers Group into today’s billion group. Carl Hall, author of the book Miljökapitalisterna, has a long background from the venture capital industry and as an entrepreneur with a special interest in environmental issues.

Torkild Hebbert Haukaas

Torkild Hebbert Haukaas

Partner & co-founder Equip Capital AS

Carl Hall

Carl Hall

Co-founder & board member at Lakers Holding

Carl-Johan Callenholm

Carl-Johan Callenholm

CEO River Group AB

Eivind Saga

Eivind Saga

Partner & co-founder Equip Capital AS

Our vision, strategy and work with sustainability


To be the economically and environmentally leading Nordic player in No-Dig.


To satisfy the Nordic market with environmentally and work environment sustainable solutions for laying and renovating pipes.


Acquire reputable companies within No-Dig, operating in the Nordic region in order to consolidate and streamline.

The goal of reaching annual sales of SEK 1 billion with an EBITA margin> 10% within 5 years.

The business shall be characterized by;

  • Transparency and openness
  • Clear control and management with the help of efficient processes
  • Sustainability, regarding environment and work environment