Quickpipe AB joins the No Dig Alliance

En lastbil från Quickpipe lastar av produkter

On March 4, 2022, Quickpipe AB joined the No Dig Alliance. Quickpipe is the Swedish leader in pipe bursting and is therefore a welcome addition to the NDA family. Pipe bursting is an important complement in contributing to a sustainable society where we use existing pipelines to install new pipes.

“Together, we see that we can enable a growth journey for Quickpipe that will be really good for everyone. Our companies and methods provide a perfect synergy with Quickpipe’s genuine knowledge and commitment. ”; says Patrik Larsson, CEO of No Dig Alliance.

“To have the opportunity to be able to develop the company and that together with No Dig Alliance and the existing members will be really inspiring and fun.”; says Björn Svensson, CEO of Quickpipe.