Sustainable methods for pipelines.

With our technologies and our broad competence, we can gently solve tasks that were previously impossible or had a negative impact on the environment.

Why your business should become a part of the No Dig Alliance

We are constantly looking for leading companies in Scandinavia and Finland who want to be involved in developing the No Dig industry.

Our companies

All companies that can help us increase the use of No Dig technology, spread knowledge about it and increase its market share are of interest.

Us as a partner

All active partners in No Dig Alliance are offered competitive terms and to become partners in the alliance.


Equip Capital is a private equity fund that focuses on investments in small and medium-sized companies in the Nordic region, and which focuses on three sectors: consumer goods/services, industry and business services.

Our members

Riggtech logotyp

Riggtech is one of Sweden’s leading specialists in directional drilling technology and has a broad customer base in Sweden and Norway. Riggtech was founded in 2010 by Mattias Backström and Anders Olsson.

Pollex AB is located in Nödinge, 20 km northeast of Gothenburg, and has worked with renovation and maintenance of water and sewage systems for nearly 40 years. In 2011, the company decided to make a major investment in No Dig methods as part of its long-term growth strategy.

Savon Suuntaporaus OY Logotyp

A reputable company based in Iisalmi and operating in both Finland and Sweden. Savon Suuntaporaus performs horizontal and controlled drilling and has experience and knowledge, especially in complicated projects.

Quickpipe logotyp

Quickpipe is a Swedish leader in pipe bursting and thus an important complement in contributing to a sustainable society where we use existing pipes for installing new pipes.

Svapipe has specialized in the maintenance of water and wastewater systems for municipalities and municipal companies since 2015. The company cleans water pipes using air and water flushing technology. They also carry out investigations to eliminate supplemental water and to identify incorrect connections.

Svaclean is based in Varberg and specializes in mechanical pipe cleaning. In addition to increasing capacity and flow in pressure pipelines, the company helps preventing blockages and to remove hydrogen sulfide. Svaclean was founded in 2021.

NDA Pollex A/S is one of the leading players in pipeline renewal in Norway, They use trenchless methods for the renewal and renovation of water and sewage systems. Both municipal and private entities turn to NDA Pollex A/S to renew their pipelines in a faster, more cost-effective and sustainable manner than with traditional digging techniques.

Who are we and how can we develop your business?

What is the biggest benefit of being part of the No Dig Alliance? All companies that join us become co-owners and immediately a part of the alliance. Not just a company in the crowd, but an important part of a great puzzle.

We want the best companies, with the most competent people, to join us. Together, we get greater resources and can invest in better equipment and offer more services in the business segment.

Being part of the No Dig Alliance is good for the economy, but it is not our main task. By acting as a “coach” for the companies in the alliance, they can refine their techniques and processes and focus on what they are best at – that is our value proposition.

Två glada anställda från Pollex håller om varandra

What is No Dig?

No Dig, or trenchless technology, is a collective name for construction and renewal of pipelines for water, sewage, district heating, electricity and all other media. The techniques eliminate or minimize the need for excavation.