No Dig makes a difference

Patrik Larsson

Patrik Larsson is the CEO of No Dig Alliance and is responsible for the company group’s strategy, organization and corporate culture. Simply put, his job is to improve the growth, sales and profitability of all member companies.

Why should you invest in No Dig?

Digging in the ground is a big part of the work of installing and maintaining underground pipes.
However, excavation involves mass handling and transport and always involves a risk of damage to the infrastructure and the environment. Fortunately, there are methods that reduce these risks in a cost effective way – the so called No Dig methods.
No Dig methods allow you to improve the infrastructure without having to dig. The concept has many advantages and is easy to understand.
No Dig is simply a trenchless method for installation and maintenance of pipes for water, sewage, district heating, electricity, etc. and are both more efficient and require less resources than traditional methods.
When talking about our common future, it is motivating for me to be on the “good side”, to be on the side that contributes to a more sustainable way of thinking and working – and to a more sustainable society. The companies that are already part of NDA are strong, well functioning and profitable, and as a group we can learn from each other and offer added value to every customer. It makes us more complete.

Which customers are you targeting?

The simple answer is everyone who is affected by our product. In other words, you and I as the end customer, all of us who live in society. We maintain and develop infrastructure for water, sewage, electricity, etc. Infrastructure that affects everyone.
But in concrete terms, it is primarily the municipalities that are the buyers, even though we have many other public and private customers. There is also a growing demand for electricity distribution and more innovative solutions, especially in the Nordic countries.
In the future, it will become more common with more extreme weather conditions in the Nordic countries, first and foremost in the form of heavy rainfall and floods. In some places we have already seen this, such as in Odda in Norway and in Gävle in Sweden.
In 2021, heavy rains caused terrible disasters in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. Massive floods killed people, destroyed houses and destroyed the infrastructure and water supply for millions of people.
Leaking and weakened underground pipelines are vulnerable to extreme weather and heavy rainfall.
These events tell us that there is a huge need for smarter and better solutions for water supply. It will soon be necessary to improve the infrastructure in an efficient, secure and resource efficient way.
With No Dig methods, you can avoid time consuming and costly detours.

What is the biggest benefit of being part of the No Dig Alliance?

All companies that join NDA become co-owners and immediately part of the alliance. Not just a company in the crowd, but an important part of a great puzzle.
We want the best companies, with the most competent people, to join us. Together, we get greater resources and can invest in better equipment and offer more services in the business segment.
Being part of NDA is good for the economy, but it is not our main task. By acting as a “coach” to the companies in the alliance, they can refine their techniques and processes and focus on what they are best at – that is our value proposition.

What are the company’s goals in the short and long term?

In the short term, our goal is to open up for learning and a dialogue between the companies. Our motto is “Steal with pride”. In this way, we want to encourage everyone in NDA to share and use best practice. We will also offer a “plug and play system”, where it is convenient. It is a set of tools for everything from CRM and IT to invoicing, ie. everything needed to securely facilitate and streamline companies’ management, communication and administration.
No Dig are innovative methods and the industry needs people who can explain the technology in a trustworthy and simple way. When we gather knowledge, competence and experience, the market will grow. We want our companies to be involved in leading the way in that development.
We want to help our customers make better choices. As a company that advocates sustainability, we must be transparent and honest. Our methods are much more environmentally friendly than the alternatives, but we still use diesel engines in our machines. Our long term ambition is, of course, to develop one hundred percent electric No Dig methods.