RiggTech – the drilling specialists

En anställd från Riggtech sitter på en maskin

Riggtech is one of Sweden’s leading specialists in directional drilling technology and has a broad customer base in Sweden and Norway. Riggtech was founded in 2010 by Mattias Backström and Anders Olsson.

Tell us a little about RiggTech, Henrik.

RiggTech offers smart solutions that keep the infrastructure intact. We use a variety of advanced drilling techniques and have our own machine park for all these methods. We also have our own staff who run all the machines, which we are the only ones in the Nordic region to have.
Whether you want to expand the pipeline network, make connections to end users or renew pipelines, RiggTech can do this underground without digging.
No Dig technology has major environmental and economic benefits and can really make a difference.

RiggTech is a thriving company with a large market share and high quality standards. Why did you join the No Dig Alliance?

First, we saw that it can provide exciting synergy effects. All companies want to develop and succeed in their field. With NDA behind us, we can achieve much more – and in a much shorter time.
Secondly, as people’s professional skills become increasingly specialized, it becomes increasingly important to have organized collaborations. As part of a group of companies, we can distribute the workload between the companies, find creative solutions to difficult problems and maintain an overview.
Pollex works in a different way and uses different No Dig technology than RiggTech. By combining our resources, we can do more for our customers together , undertake larger projects and solve challenging tasks.
To unite under one and the same roof, ie. NDA, gives us an opportunity to exchange valuable knowledge, experiences and build new relationships. This allows us to do more for our customers, our employees and the industry as a whole.

Excavators are reliable, powerful and can be used in all possible construction projects. Excavation has been the dominant method of construction work in the ground for over a hundred years. But you do not have to dig very deep to realize that it has a negative impact on the environment. What do you think the industry will look like in five years?

Given the challenges we face in terms of the environment and the climate, the stakes are too high. We need better technology. We need alternatives like No Dig.
During the last 5-7 years, the technology and methods have become more advanced. I believe that this development will continue, but it presumes that entrepreneurs and politicians open their eyes.
Decision makers and those working in the industry have not yet understood the impact these methods could have on their projects – both financially and environmentally. When NDA spreads the message in the Nordic region, the No Dig market will lift. And that fast, I think.

No Dig is a cost and time efficient solution, but the biggest advantage is the environmental benefits. How can we ensure that the No Dig methods are used to a greater extent in the future?

Let’s talk to those who make the decisions, the politicians. Both the UN and the EU demand emission reductions, and so do citizens. It should be rewarded to use methods that reduce the carbon footprint and are better for the environment – it is these methods and solutions that should be ordered by decision makers.
We have the knowledge. What is needed is more communication and a clear message. We need a key player who works for us, who can pull the right strings and focus on PR, marketing and clear communication. With NDA, I believe that the future looks bright for No Dig technology.